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leadlearningWebinarHiring season has arrived. It is the time of year in the school calendar that school districts embrace as they seek educators looking for their first teaching or administrative position. All of these positions are coveted ones. Now more than ever, our industry is seeking the best and the brightest to teach our youth and guide our communities of learners. For every position filled, this will be the official beginning of their journey in teaching and learning.


Walking into an interview setting, a candidate needs to show their confidence immediately. Often times it is that very moment in time that makes all the difference. Be prepared to showcase your abilities. Craig Vroom, Principal


Most certainly recent graduates will be putting together their portfolios upon sliding their tassel from one side of their cap to another. Teachers looking for a new experience and a way to pump new life into their career will be dusting off their resumes. And, prospective administrative candidates for roles such as principal, assistant principal and essential Central Office personnel will be well versed in best practices as they begin to scour the academic landscape.


When I hire personnel, I focus on the ability to build relationships, classroom environment and educational mindset.  Applicants need to show evidence of all three by sharing concrete examples of their experiences in education. Bobby Dodd, Principal


With hiring, what we want to see happen and what the actual outcome may be as it relates to the being selected as the candidate of choice is often measured by the smallest of increments. These coveted positions as teacher or administrator are few and far between. The likelihood that you will be able to apply your methods courses and the Masters work you have dedicated countless hours too shrinks each passing day that jobs are posted.


There’s both an art and science in preparing for the interview process.  Properly preparing by knowing yourself and the district can make all the difference. Neil Gupta, District Administrator


So, how can   Lead Learning   help you in your quest to land these positions?

We believe that securing that first position as educator is achieved within two critical moments. Our goal is to take you through our experiences as teachers and administrators, both past and present, and give you a lens of what is expected from educational candidates today. Whether seeking your first classroom, a new classroom or moving from the classroom to an office, our purpose is to provide you with the tools and resources you need to best leverage yourself during the interview process. It is grueling and is not for the faint of heart. Districts and buildings can be selective.


Through their years of experience hiring educators,   Lead Learning wants to help position you in the best possible place to be the candidate of choice. Join us as we talk about strategies to do just that.


Tune into our upcoming Hiring Practices Webinar Series on Blab (a forum designed for you to interact with guest speakers):

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Part I: So you want to be a Teacher? (Preservice or teachers looking for change)

Airing on Thursday, April 14 at 8-8:30 PM EST/7-7:30PM CST

Part II: So you want to be an Administrator?

Airing on Thursday, April 21 at 8-8:30 PM EST/7-7:30PM CST

Part III: So you want to hire the best candidate? (For current Administrators)

Airing on Thursday, April 28 8-8:30 PM EST/7-7:30PM CST


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